12/06/2016  Tune up  15, 103
Corrected a ground fault from the head temp sensor, replaced the plug with an NGK DR8ES-L, cleaned and oiled the filter and replaced the battery.

08/02/2016  New Tires, Front and Rear  12,127
Having lost two rear tubes in three days after I replaced the rear tire with a new one, my suspicions weren't satisfied that all was well with the rear tire, and that's not a good feeling on a four hundred mile trip. The front tire was pretty shredded with all the slab miles as well so I though I'd change up the compound to something more pavement friendly and went with Shinko 705s with an 80/20 ratio.

When Rocky Mountain ATV called to tell me my new rubber was mounted, they indicated the rear tube was twisted and pinched and was about to fail. Three tubes. Three different shops. I tried mounting the rear tire when I replaced the third tube but couldn’t get the bead on the rim. Has to be the tire. Cheap POS clone of a Shinko 244. The lugs were already separating with less than a grand on the clock. I’m suspecting load issues. That tire wasn’t made for the load I’m hauling on this KLR.

08/01/2016  Oil Change  12,127 

06/18/2016  New Rear Tire  10,628
The miles on I-15's rutted concrete along with the load made quick disintegration of the KLR's existing Shinko Trail Master. It's been replaced with a Shinko SR244, a noisy little bastard, but it performs well. You get what you pay for.

06/16/2016  Progressive 465 Monoshock  10,223 
Done with the stock suspension.

06/10/2016  Blue Sea Blade Remote Fuse Box  9,587

06/08/2016 Progressive Front Springs  9,587
See above.

04/25/2016  Air Filter Clean  8,245


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