Forrest Gump would have something to say about buying a used motorcycle, much like a box of chocolates. Unless you're kicking tires with an 8mm socket in your pocket and the the owner's permission to disrobe the bike, you never know what you've got until you've got it home and have it unclad.

I posted earlier about an initial teardown, leaving the headlight/instrument cluster faring still in tact along with the LH radiator shroud. It all came off this past weekend to prep and paint all the plastics.

A couple of notes: Large wood screws are no substitute for proper, specified and engineered hardware. There's one instance of these beasts force-threaded into the embedded nuts on the rear frame crossmember to which the rack is attached. This kind of quick and dirty fixing gives me the shivers. And it pisses me off. A trip to the hardware store would have taken care of the problem, even if it were a roadside repair (which, I can't imagine it was).
Always a good idea not to mix SAE and metric. Standards are used to keep everything accessible with a minimal amount of tools to do so. Also, before taking on a task like this, it's not a bad idea to have new OEM replacement hardware, especially rubber wellnuts to replace all the disintegrating rubber isolating mounts, not to mention the windscreen, as well as all the slipshod hardware used by PO's, like wood screws. 

If you're thinking about adding a switch or a 12V socket to the dash, it's good to know what's behind it. 
There are three dimples that make up little triangles on each side of the instruments that might suggest factory points for switches to be mounted. They're not. They've just there to break up the space a bit since the backside of both areas butts against the cluster frame. 

Just above the dimples is a flat space that's not obstructed with enough space to mount an accessory switch on either side. 
I'm going to add a Blue Sea Blade six circuit fuse box with a negative bus to handle the accessories. Since there's no space beneath the seat I'm considering a location high on the coolant reservoir brace, the highest point I can find on the bike without mounting it to a faring. 


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