Packing Details

Transitioning on and off the bike is enough to make any rider stay on a little bit longer or ride past that vista without taking a shot. Jacket, earplugs or phones, brain bucket, glasses, gloves - then stow it away anytime you step away from your ride.

I thought I'd add a couple of details to make transitions a bit easier and handy.

I added a strap system on the RH Pelican pannier to secure my camera bag and yet keep my device at the ready for a stop and shoot. Four black nylon Footmans loops were added to the top of the case through which are two one-inch straps sized to the circumference of the camera bag. The straps have quick release buckles and a couple of web dominators to mind the slack when they're not in use.
The camera bag (seen here inside a dry bag) lashes to the top of the case for a quick and secure mount, while having the camera easily accessible without having to dismount.
One more simple detail is the relocation of the helmet lock. Putting it on the Pelican top case to the side makes it easier to use, securing my helmet and jacket.


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