ADV Camp Gear

REI's Flex Lite (Joey) Chair

It doesn’t look like much, a bit on the spindly side, but it’s wonderful. It packs up small enough to stow with the rest of the gear on the bike,

…and it’s sturdy enough to hold 250 pounds, giving me fifteen pounds of wiggle room. More or less.

Its little aluminum frame is held together by shock cord and the seating surface is a strong nylon mesh.

This is by far the most comfortable camp chair I’ve ever used and its utility in being small enough to pack on the KLR makes it all the better. Simple pleasures.

ALPS Mountaineering Linx One-Person Tent

Sets up quickly, ample headroom, narrow footprint, solid construction, great zippers and packs small. Just under four pounds with a clever tent vent. 

ALPS Desert Pine Bag and ExPed SynMat Pad

ALPS makes a quality 20-degree mummy bag with TechLoft+ insulation, two layer offset construction, insulated chest and zipper baffle with a 210T polyester outer fabric and 210T polyester liner. The bag comes with a compression stuff sack. Fully deployed zippers are covered with a hook-latch flap.

Exped makes the SynMat 9 LW pad, weighing 41 ounces. It has a built-in pump for rapid inflation and micro fibre insulation that keeps temperatures manageable. It packs up into a 6 X 10.6 inch pouch.

Teton Comfortlite Pillow

The greatest improvement in my sleeping comfort is the addition of the Teton self-inflating pillow. It's filled with a material that compacts easily on deflation and expands to whatever firmness you'd like to rest your head on with the easily operable valve.

The orange side is finished in a comfortable micfrofiber while the base has a non-slip finish to keep the pillow in place. If you've ever wrestled with camp pillows in the wee hours, all these things become indispensable. At 18"x10"x4", the pillow rolls and compacts nicely to fit in its stuff sack, weighing in at 12 ounces.

MSR MiniWorks EX Microfilter

Indispensable is the MSR MiniWorks EX Microfilter. It pumps clean water up to a liter per minute and is maintained with built-in cleaning tools. 

MSR 4L Dromedary Bag

Given the types of trails I'm on and the camp sites I want to reach, transporting water can be a necessity. When it is I use the MSR 4L Dromedary Bag. It has a perimeter webbing that makes it easy to attach. I’ve fitted it to the top of the Pelican top case using two stainless NiteIze S-clips to attach the bag strap to two holes drilled into the outer fins of the case hinges.
The strap on the opposite side wraps around the Pelican case handle securing it in place. This allows for a quick access to the Pelican’s contents.


The JetBoil is my go-to stove and coffee press, and my favorite piece of kit.
The cup holds one liter and sits atop a high-performance burner with a piezo igniter. It boils water in less than 90 seconds.
The press and burner stow inside the cup for easy packing. JetBoil makes a compressed fuel can that fits inside as well.

Sea to Summit Trek Towel

Ford Prefect will be the first to tell you that the most imperative travel item on any adventure in the galaxy is a good towel.
This is a great towel. Made by Sea-to-Summit, our favorite dry bag manufacturer, these size small Tek Towels measure 32"x16", enough to dry off the average human and then some. They're made of the softest micro-fiber I've felt and have their own mesh and nylon zippered pouch. There's a snap strap riveted on a corner making it able to hang anywhere.
They dry quickly and fold up compact enough to stow anywhere, or just keep it handy around your neck like Ford.

GSI Pinnacle Dualist Mess Kit
The GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Dualist mess kit is a smartly designed, compact kit I've used throughout our moto and kayak camping adventures.
The kit packs a 1.2 liter Halulite pot with a Lexan lid with an integrated strainer, two 20-ounce insulated cups and two bowls that nest within.
The kit weighs less than 21 ounces and fits together in a bag that I use to fetch water. I keep a pair of multi-tool utensils in the kit making it a complete setting.

The table underneath is a GSI Outdoors Micro Table. It can stand just over four or six inches tall with a 15.5x11.25" surface. It supports up to twenty pounds and weighs a pound and a half.
It deploys with two rods that thread through each slat and interlock with the folding legs.

Brunton Stove
This is a 3.9 ounce stove that packs into a tiny case but pumps out enough BTU's to cook quickly and well.
The burner has a piezo igniter and a variable regulator that offers a good range of temperature.


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